Voice and Internet

Voice and Internet

As clients move to NBN, their copper wire services are being disconnected, leaving a question mark about what to do with their analogue phone systems.

Our Voice-over-IP (VoIP) phone systems are the modern face of telephone services. Their functionality and versatility far surpass traditional phone systems by offering an adjustable number of lines and virtual extensions that connect multiple offices under one phone system. The systems are portable and cost less than a conventional phone service to run.

The VoIP PABX system uses internet connection to talk to a hosted phone system. Via traditional handset-style endpoints or software based phones, users can have multiple offices and be operating in multiple locations because the system works as an extension. Calls between offices on the same system are free, because calls are transferred via your internal network or VPN as opposed to across carrier phone lines.

Talk to us about assisting your business implement the right hosted or local VoIP PABX system, as well as porting existing numbers and number blocks.

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