End-User Training

Cyber criminals have had to adjust their approach over the years as more and more anti-virus systems have become almost entirely unhackable. Sophisticated cyber attacks that are specific to systems and programs still exist, but the latest approach involves “hacking” users.

Cyber criminals don’t just set their sights on large businesses. They frequently attack individuals as well as small-medium sized businesses for “quick wins”. The easiest way to get into a network to spam, corrupt systems, or steal data is through Business Email Compromise (BEC).

One of the key ways to prevent a Business Email Compromise is through user education. One IT Services conducts group training sessions for businesses tailored to their specific needs. End-User training consists of memorable examples, slides, and interactive training elements.

There are also excellent resources available online through both the ACSC and Stay Smart Online

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Stop email spam and viruses before they even reach your inbox.

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Do you know if your information is available on the Dark Web?

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Employee cyber security training is one of the best ways to prevent cyber attacks.

What is One Care?

One IT Services offers a simplified end to end support plan known as the One Care Plan to proactively manage your IT infrastructure.

Stop waiting for unexpected failures, that’s not what we’re about. One Care = Keep Working.

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