Multi-Factor Authentication

Stolen credentials are the most prevalent cause of unauthorized access to otherwise tightly secured business networks. Even the most impressive locks are useless if the criminal already has the key! Many businesses do not have a robust password policy in place, making them vulnerable to a brute force attack, in which a hacker tries millions of password combinations against a user’s account to gain internal access to the business’s network.

To slam the door shut once again on these types of attacks, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA [2FA is 2 Factor Authentication]) provides another layer of authenticated access across any of your logins requiring the entry of a password. By linking an authentication app, usually on a user’s phone, a secondary code known only to the owner of that app will be provided and required for login, thus making any leaked credentials or attempts at access useless. One IT Services is skilled in the implementation of MFA systems, and will work with your business to determine the correct technology that suits your environment.

To protect yourself against stolen credentials and data breaches as they happen in real-time, please visit the page on our ID Agent solution.

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