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Trust us to know your solutions.


    Continuous IT support
    Managed services fall under a One Care Plan. One phone number. One contract. One contact email address. One invoice. We make IT simple. This service is designed for businesses that want to mitigate the risk of downtime caused by IT services not working optimally. We will manage your entire IT environment.

    Once you’ve signed up to the managed IT services, you can call on us for almost anything and it’s covered by your monthly fee. Support, advice, guidance or even just a chat every now and then. We become a resource similar to an internal IT service. A sounding board for all your IT needs.

    “During the initial stage One IT Services went to great efforts to understand our needs and to provide us with tailored IT solutions. They are a high quality, professional IT company as evidenced in the standard of service by their long term engineers who are accessible, knowledgeable, and helpful.

    One IT proactively manage our IT infrastructure and consistently provide excellent service and recommendations. This has provided us with a level of comfort to focus on our core business while they focus on the information systems needed to support our operations. Their prompt responses to critical issues has been invaluable”.

    Michelle Parker
    Executive Officer
    NT Council of Government School Organisations Inc (NTCOGSO)

    Support when you need it
    This is your solution if you want to manage your own IT environment but need IT support to call on every now and then.

    Set up as a fee for service, non-contracted clients are offered the same professional advice and support as our managed IT clients. We will meet you, learn about your business, understand your immediate IT needs, your IT history and your plans for IT in the future.

    While we fix your problem we’ll also audit your systems and let you know if you have out of date applications, security risks or other issues perhaps you didn’t know about. It’s our mandate to maximise benefit to all clients and non-contract clients are no different.

    “I spend a lot of time talking with non-contract clients, so I can give the best service possible. One IT Services is protecting our reputation by providing a quality service and creating the best user experience possible”.

    Steve Roberts
    Managing Director
    One IT Services

    Professional technical staff for hire
    One IT Services engineers are available for contract placement work. We have level 1-3 engineers available to work on a short, medium or long-term contract.

    We do all the work training our engineers in our values of trust, integrity and professionalism while you reap the rewards of having skilled engineers ready to start immediately.

    Our experience of working with medium and large clients, both locally and nationally in the corporate, private and government sectors shows we are skilled and experienced to provide you with the right staff for your IT needs.

    Protect your personal information
    Since February 2018 under the Privacy Act, 1988 if your business has a turnover of more than $3 million or you store personal information, you will need to comply with the Notifiable Data Breach (NDB) scheme.

    We know the laws and will help you to understand the rules in your industry and how to protect yourself from breaching them. Our audits will find out if you have breached the law and help you with the notifying process if needed.

    Our IT security and NDB scheme support will keep your data safe by doing a security audit to identify gaps, install systems for monitoring data breaches and alert systems for notifications.

    We can help you with your IT policy and procedure management to mitigate risk and help with preparing your business obligations under the NDB scheme.

    The biggest threat is the one you don’t know about
    If the unthinkable happens and you lose all your data, One IT Services will restore your data quickly and accurately from backups that are taken twice daily. Your business will have its data restored to what it was before the hardware failure with minimal downtime and disruption to your business.

    In the ever-emerging threats of the modern world, the biggest threat is the one you don’t know about. There will always be threats, and there will always be risk. A solid and reliable backup service is a critical component, not an after-thought. Ask yourself how long would it take to get your business up and running after a catastrophic failure or attack? And what would be the cost to your business?

    No matter how old your infrastructure is, let us back them up. When the risk of complete failure and loss is removed then sensible and strategic decisions can be made. Don’t make snap decisions and recreate the same problems on new hardware.

    One IT Services offers secure backup and restoring services to manage your business data backup, recovery and archiving. We can keep your data for seven years, we snapshot servers, desktops, NAS devices, routers, switches, almost anything that stores data or configurations and backup data to multiple remote locations.

    Restoring entire IT environments is a process, not a question.

    We also offer redundancy solutions, so that in an event that there is an IT failure, you are able to switch to a duplicate infrastructure reducing damage to your reputation, data and efficiency. Ask us about Instant Virtualisation.

    “One It Services have acted efficiently and in the quickest time possible to care for the company needs and restore the system to usual running standards.

    “One It Services truly care about their clients and are very personable, pleasant and understanding in times of difficultly that can cause a great deal of stress with customer and client response times.

    “One IT have always saved the day”.

    Michelle Davies
    AcquireNT Real Estate

    Outsmart the hackers
    Most IT attacks start from an email based threat. Over 90% of threats are targeted at businesses and when successful, they can cripple networks and destroy business functionality. Don’t be scared, be prepared.

    As hackers become smarter and come up with more sophisticated ways to gain unauthorised access to your computers, it’s our job to become smarter too. To keep our clients safe, we’ve developed an open source system called SpAmbush which offers a very smart threat prevention system.

    For only two dollars per month per mailbox we can stop threats coming into your business by redirecting your email to our server. We scan your emails and take out the threats and forward your clean emails onto your server. This far surpasses a virus scanner because it stops the threat from getting within your internal perimeter.

    Phishing is today’s biggest threat. We detect and remove Phishing scams that target the person, not the computer. We humans don’t have firewalls and antivirus capability, but we do have an inherent desire to trust another person. Let us help you to protect your business and employees from being ‘scammed’.

    We can take the stress of scammers and hackers out of your life.

    Client centred solutions
    The first thing we do is get to know your business and how it functions. We don’t use templated solutions; we expect that each client needs are going to be different.

    Being experts in the business, we can offer you IT solutions that you don’t know exist. This is why we don’t do what our client asks us to do, we do what our client needs. We bring our training, skill and experience to help you choose an IT environment that will meet all your needs.

    Fixing lap tops or computers is easy. Architecting the best solution and implementing it is what we pride ourselves on. Building trust with our clients so they feel assured we are suggesting the right solutions sits at the centre of everything we do. Trust us to know your solutions.

    By managing your complete integration and ongoing maintenance, we remove IT stress from your professional life leaving you and your colleagues free to focus on your core business.

    “We recently moved our entire office on two occasions in three months. One IT Services were with us every step of the way. They created a detailed plan on how to manage our server, equipment and computers with essentially no impact to our productivity.

    Both of the office transitions were made easy due to their constant communication throughout the process”.

    Michelle Parker
    Executive Officer
    NT Council of Government School Organisations Inc (NTCOGSO)

    Stability through hosted servers
    Our hosted servers offer stability and take away the need for you to maintain your own infrastructure. We help your business to get online without stress by taking care of all your online and data management needs.

    Our hosting services comes with our own email scanning system SpAmbush which scans for email threats cleaning your emails before being transferred to your server, keeping your internal systems clean, and the threats outside your perimeter

    If you have remote staff and need a server hosted in the NT, we can provide a server to suit your needs. We can run client-owned operating systems on our infrastructure and give you access to it manage it yourself. Or we can host your physical server via our local data centre partner.

    One IT Services is of course an Microsoft Partner and can offer cloud solutions from Exchange Online, right through to Azure hosted platforms or services.

    We offer all variations of Office 365 suites, right through the more advanced BI solutions.

    Maintain, monitor and repair your remote data needs
    One IT Services is in partnership with Secure Data Centre (; the only privately owned data centre in the NT. Secure Data Centre is a Tier 2 Data Centre with the ability to host all types of IT infrastructure. It’s the safest place to be in a storm.

    One IT Services also provide remote-hands services for businesses with equipment in Secure Data Centre, and across the NT. Our certified engineers can be trusted to adhere to strict compliance guidelines, and follow instructions provided by IT professionals who can’t be in Darwin to see and touch their own hardware.

    We provide services to monitor and maintain an environment where computers are secure, kept cool and have the right level of internet connections or managed connections going into them.

    Our experienced technicians can help with data and electrical cabling, server or network equipment deployment and configuration, patching services and data centre services. We will expertly supervise your hardware when you can’t be there.

    Part of our data centre services includes our technicians going into the data centre to problem solve why equipment or services have gone offline. When the worst situation occurs, a device goes offline and is not contactable even through out-of-band links. One IT Services have experienced engineers to physically attend to the device and diagnose the fault. We’re there as long as you need us, no matter what time of day or night.

    Tap into our buying power
    If you want to buy computers, servers, networking equipment, cameras, wireless access points, cabling and electrical we will work within your budget and offer expert advice on your machines. The same goes for software solutions with the added value of our expert opinion on products to suit your individual needs.

    We are not aligned with any one vendor which means we have the freedom to supply the most suitable products at competitive rates. Our clients benefit from impartial advice and can offer solutions to match your budget.

    We routinely manage client’s hardware refresh schedules and provide expert advice. You can tap into our buying power and expertise and let us help you to get the best product for you.

    “We needed a company to maintain our network system and be able to deal with any issues we have both ahead of time and on time, which One IT Services does efficiently.

    We appreciate the friendly, reliable and skilled team of people that have supported us over time and would not hesitate to recommend them to any business”.

    Jenny Roussos
    Business Manager
    Roussos Legal Advisory

    On time on budget project management
    If you have a project that has gone to tender, we can supply an IT project management plan with a detailed development strategy that offers professional IT control over scope, schedule, and budget.

    Our aim is to provide effective project management to support to our clients, saving valuable time and money while improving the efficiency and success of their projects.

    “One IT Services have supported Ward Keller since 2010 and has become an integral part of our firm. Over the years, One IT Services have successfully delivered many projects, including a completely new central infrastructure and multiple rollouts of new desktops fleets to all our offices across the NT.

    One IT Services continues to deliver premium support services, high performance and a stable IT environment. We have no hesitation in recommending Steven Roberts and his team at One IT Services”.

    Leon Loganathan
    Ward Keller

    Online phone systems
    As clients move to NBN, their copper wire services are being disconnected leaving a question marks about what to do with their analogue phone systems.

    Our phone systems are the modern face of phone services. Their functionality and versatility far surpass traditional phone services by offering an adjustable number of lines and virtual extensions that connect multiple offices under one phone system. The systems are portable and cost less than a conventional phone service to run.

    The VoIP PABX system uses internet connection to talk to a hosted phone system. Via traditional handset style endpoints or software based phones, users can have multiple offices and be operating in multiple locations because the system works as an extension. Costs between offices on the same system are free.

    We can help your business with hosted or local VoIP PABX installations, as well as porting existing numbers and number blocks.

    Security for you and your staff
    Our integrated IP based security surveillance cameras protect against theft and vandalism and provide security to you and your staff.

    Modern IP based cameras will live stream video to a smart phone and have bi-directional audio, infrared low light LEDs and the capacity to view and record several different points of surveillance simultaneously. Your footage can be accessed and stored remotely.

    Our expert installation and configuration of CCTV systems has been instrumental in preventing unauthorised access, and catching many people and animals doing things they shouldn’t be.

Why choose us

  • Understanding

    We understand our clients are seeking assurance that we can manage their IT systems and work within their budget.

  • Trust

    Building trust with our clients so they feel assured we are suggesting the right solutions sits at the centre of everything we do.

  • Investment

    We can manage your IT environment so it works exactly the way you need. No precious hours lost trying to solve IT riddles.

  • Communication

    Communication is the first and last part of every job, and everything in between. We don’t use templates, we communicate with clients about their needs.

  • Reputation

    Fixing laptops or desktop computers is easy. Architecting the best solution and implementing it is what we pride ourselves on.

  • Professionals

    Our highly trained and professional engineers know their products and are experienced in protecting your data.

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