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At One IT Services we pride ourselves on our consulting services, in which we talk with our customers to identify their ICT requirements and build end to end solutions that exceed their expectations. We think of ourselves as the glue between vendors, service providers, and clients as we try to take into account all parties when designing a solution. This often means we need to get our hands dirty and be the hub for all communications so that a project is delivered properly.

A lot of small businesses are being serviced by one Managed Services Provider for many years, often unhappy with the service and costs, but stay because of fear of change. As independent advisors, One IT Services’ consultants will analyse business requirements in order to evaluate proposals and empower business with the knowledge to make fully informed decisions, interpreting technical documentation in language that make sense.

Starting a new business? Let One IT Services evaluate your IT needs to enable you to go to market with exact requirements and cost expectations.

One IT Services consultants look beyond the glossy brochures to the technical and functional components of any platform to ensure that the very best functionality is achieved. Cross-platform automation and integration can be overlooked or misunderstood, leading to disjointed systems with manual processes. By engaging with all service providers (software, phones, printers, email etc) One IT Services will dig into the granular details to identify the maximum level of integration and connect the dots to deliver premium end-to-end solutions.

Top Solutions


Stop email spam and viruses before they even reach your inbox.

ID Agent

Do you know if your information is available on the Dark Web?

Cloud Backups

Business Continuity and Data Recovery


Employee cyber security training is one of the best ways to prevent cyber attacks.

What is One Care?

One IT Services offers a simplified end to end support plan known as the One Care Plan to proactively manage your IT infrastructure.

Stop waiting for unexpected failures, that’s not what we’re about. One Care = Keep Working.

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