ID Agent

Are Your Details on the Dark Web?

ID Agent is a ground-breaking new technology that is able to identify when you or anyone in your organization has had credentials compromised on the Dark Web (a clandestine network of private servers, identity theft forums, and illegal websites). ID Agent can identify when and often where the breach occurred and provide you with details on what was compromised. Reports can be sent to your organization whenever a breach occurs, as well as monthly review reports.

One IT Services proactively monitors these reports for you and your business and will connect with you whenever a breach report is received. One IT Services doesn’t just advise you of the report, we offer additional support, recommendations, and provide feedback to ensure you don’t have to worry about similar breaches in the future.

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ID Agent

Do you know if your information is available on the Dark Web?

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One IT Services offers a simplified end to end support plan known as the One Care Plan to proactively manage your IT infrastructure.

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