Siris 4

Siris: All in One BCDR

Keeping your business running is critical to you, and it’s critical to us. That’s why we recommend a suite of business continuity/disaster recovery solutions from Datto, including the Siris 4, Datto’s flagship device.

The Siris 4 is a purpose built hardware backup and virtualisation appliance with a variety of specifications available to meet your business’s needs. Datto provides support for unlimited backup agents and unlimited cloud retention for backed up data and images with the Siris 4.

If your server hardware fails, is stolen, or catches on fire, the Siris 4 provides an instant onsite virtualisation of your protected physical or virtual machines for seamless business continuity, allowing you and your staff to keep working while One IT Services engineers restore the last backed up state to a new device. In the case of utmost disaster, all protected servers can be virtualised on Datto cloud servers, allowing work to continue uninterrupted even if the workplace no longer exists.

Business continuity is at the core of the solutions we provide at One IT Services. When you can have absolute confidence that your business infrastructure can stand up to any event, you’re free to focus completely on the things you do best.

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One IT Services offers a simplified end to end support plan known as the One Care Plan to proactively manage your IT infrastructure.

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