Finding solutions to maximise your whole IT environment.
This is what we are good at.

  • One IT Services

    Architecting and developing innovative solutions for your technology environment is what has earned us our reputation. We bring enterprise-grade solutions to business of all sizes.

    We don’t use templated approaches, we communicate with our clients about their business and their technology requirements. For us, fixing problems is just the start, our point of difference is about finding solutions to maximise your whole IT environment. This is what we are good at.

    Our biggest struggle is making businesses of all sizes understand the importance of investing in their IT. This is a historical failure of the IT industry. Buying products off the shelf without proper planning and support will take precious time away from you to set it up and trouble shoot. One IT Services can manage your IT environment, so it works exactly the way you need it. No precious hours lost trying to solve IT riddles.

    Trust is at the centre of everything because we often have more access to a client’s data than they do. The importance of this trust is never underestimated at One IT Services. We maintain highly trained engineers who know their products and are experienced in working with confidential data. Our commitment to quality and professionalism means our client’s trust is never breached.

  • Our Clients

    Our clients come from all over Australia, but primarily the NT. They are small to medium businesses that have a wide variety of IT support requirements. Some clients are informed about their IT needs and some know very little about their IT options.

    Regardless of their IT experience, we understand our clients are seeking assurance that we can offer solutions within a budget. Building trust with our clients so they feel confident we are suggesting the right solutions for them sits at the centre of everything we do.

    Our onboarding process for new clients starts with us introducing ourselves and explaining our IT support options, and how we can support their business. It’s our job to listen to your business needs and advise the best approach. Our reputation is built on maximising your system to your specific needs.

  • Our Mission To deliver enterprise grade IT services to businesses of any size. The scale or type of business you are should not prevent access to high level technology solutions. And to invest in young engineers to feed into the industry from the roots.
  • Our Vision To grow the business using local people with local knowledge. To invest in our team so that they in turn invest their expertise and dedication in our clients.
  • Our Values Trust. Integrity. Quality. Technical Proficiency. Long term relationships. One IT Services is now investing back into the community and individuals with sponsorships, donations and training.

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